I am the light in you that looks for a crevice to  spread far and wide
Far enough to run into every skin ,the slightest touch to make a smile
I am also the silence within that yearns for an empty mind
I lay ,with  eyes closed  staring into the void
I am the dry crop, gazing at the cloud  to taste a drop
I am the  lone traveler , pressing that a mirage could be true
But  I am also the tree , the trunk ,the burnt leaves
shelter  thee , spreading far and wide
I am not the emotion you see ,nor the voice you hear
But I  emote that  you desire
I lie  in every piece of the ripped soul
I am the dead belief never willing to hope again
I am the scream that believes it will remain unheard
I am also the hidden sorrow , Locked away for good
I am your friend , your foe ,
I am your  anger ,your delight
But for the mirror I reflect
A broken self , gathering pieces as I stitch
a distinct image , Incomplete
of pieces I could never find
I gather myself to face the next chapter
Perhaps anticipating another ripping storm…
While I Continue to look for the lost pieces

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